Neon Canyon [Listen]

Finding information about this artist is surprisingly difficult. What I can tell you is that Neon Canyon is made up of two friends, Mark Webber and Jon Sherman, they’re Canadian and they’re both very talented.

I found this artist through a song by one of my favourite electronic artists Blackbird Blackbird. This track is rather ironically called, We Have To Know, and features Neon Canyon. This by the way is a stunning tune.

Neon Canyon has an electronic, minimalistic dream-like sound. What I love is the simplistic hazy beats which are overlaid with ghostly vocals. As I said they are somewhat mysterious, even their Myspace page is down, but they do have Bandcamp page, which annoyingly doesn’t contain any tracks from my favourite album called, Neon Canyon. I believe this album is free, and i’ve seen it available on a couple of blogs, but i won’t paste a link just in case.

I’m still trying to track down their ‘currently private’ music video on Vimeo, which is for my favourite track called Photosynthesis, which according to all the blogs say is ‘sublime’. They’re such teases.

Here’s a link to their Bandcamp page, and let me know if you find the music video for this awesome track:

Photosynthesis by Neon Canyon


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