Islands – A Sleep & A Forgetting [News]

Islands are back with a new album. Islands originally rose out of the ashes of Nicholas Thorburn’s previous music venture, The Unicorns. Which was at the time, also very successful and well received. For me, the previous two albums that Islands produced didn’t quite cut it like their first and most acclaimed album, Return to the Sea. It’s been a while since i’ve given the album a good listen again. I usually just whack Swans and Volcanoes on my playlist and leave out the others which are each quite unique – Pitchfork described it as being a “a sprawling, gorgeous collection of pop songs that draws from disparate sources such as calypso, country, and hip-hop”. 

Islands have very recently announced that they’ll be releasing a new album called, A Sleep & A Forgetting, and to get the buzz going they’ve released a single from the album called, This is Not a Song. One of the main reasons I’m writing this post is because i really like this song, and i’ve got a feeling this album’s gonna be a good’n! It’s released on Hallmark’s Valenine’s Day. Here’s an oldie and the newie.

Band website:

This is Not a Song by Islands (A Sleep & A Forgetting 2012)


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