Isbells – Stoalin’ [News+Listen]

This is very exciting. One of my favourite artists has announced their new album. Isbells launched themselves in 2009 with their self titled album, Isbells. The Belgium band have a likeable trait of producing sweet melodies and often somewhat melancholic lyrics – this of course made it my perfect ‘break-up’ album at the time. I highly urge you to get your hands on it, you won’t regret doing so.

They released a charity song in 2011 called, No Light Bright Light, to raise money for the Psychiatric Hospital St. Annendael in the Belgian city Diest. This track confirmed my hope that their first album wasn’t a golden one-off, their songwriting was as beautiful as ever. I recommend you check out the song.

Their new album titled Stoalin’ is to be released on March 26th, and they’ve released a single from it called Illusion. From listening to it a few times, it sounds as good as their older stuff. In this track they’ve employed a more choral feel, and the recording sounds a little more professional. The melodic guitar and well written lyrics are the same. I’m glad to hear that everything is keeping to their original formula.

Click here to pre-order the new album.

Here’s a track from their first album to introduce you to their sound, it’s called As Long As It Takes:


Here’s the full album, Stoalin’.


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