Au Palais – Tender Mercy [Listen]

Au Palais; my latest find is once again managed by the label Sound of Sweet Nothing. This is the kind of track I’d imagine being on the Drive soundtrack if it were made by a Brit.

It’s a slow-paced electronic song, with a drumming beat, overlayed with softy trickled vocals. The people behind the music are siblings; Elise and David Commathe who divide their time between Toronto and London. Before Au Palais, David was living in Tokyo composing minimal electronic music, and you can definitely catch moments of that style in music. Whereas this is Elise’s singing debut, and you could never tell!

Tender Mercy is their first EP, and there are talks of a full length album soon. The other tracks on the EP are equally all enjoyable. They all encompass a hint of that 80’s electronic sound, which has become more and more popular in the last few years. I look forward to hearing what’s next. Have a listen:

Tender Mercy by Au Palais


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