Darkstar – Timeaway [Listen]

Darkstar the northern english electronic music trio return with their new track Timeaway from the forthcoming album News From Nowhere. The group rose to prominence with the 2009 track Aidy’s Girl Is a Computer which was featured on the influential Hyperdub Records compilation 5: Five Years of Hyperdub. The group’s unique sound blended the style of the emerging dubstep movement with an uplifting melodic synth pop edge.

Timeaway progresses the sound further with a lighter and more delicate sound. The beats here are less glitchy and move towards a more euphoric soundscape, nicely accompanied by gently affected vocals.

Listen to Timeaway below:

The 12” of Timeaway is out now and News From Nowhere will be released on 4th February 2013 by Warp Records. You can download Timeaway for free at the group’s website.


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