Catching Flies – The Stars EP / Mt. Wolf – Life Size Ghosts EP [Listen]

Today I have two electronic EP’s from London based musicians linked here by a remix from which I followed the trail back to the source, in turn discovering two bright relatively new acts myself.

So without further ado, first up (if you’re not already familiar with him) let me introduce you to London based producer Catching Flies.

catching flies

His debut EP The Stars is a smooth slice of downtempo with delicate instrumentation, warm throbbing basslines and a creative use of sampling. It’s four  tracks feel rich and developed retaining a laid back vibe that runs throughout. It only stumbles on closing track Stars which makes use of a sample of Coldplays Yellow. It’s a creative, and surprisingly elegant use of the vocal track but personally I think my love for Parachutes is too strong and something just doesn’t click. Where The Stars really shines though is the absolutely sublime remix of Mt. Wolfs Life Size Ghosts. This is a brilliant example of how to handle a good remix bringing some fresh ideas to the original track yet slotting perfectly side by side the other EP tracks, all the while respectfully maintaining its source material. It’s fresh and beautifully executed.

Mt. Wolf

This brings me onto Mt. Wolf and their debut EP Life Size Ghosts. Three tracks (four if you include an acoustic version of the title track) of folktronica that lean heavily toward the darker and predominantly electronic end of the spectrum. It’s warm, bass heavy yet intricate and organic. There’s a certain amount of space on each track leaving them room to breathe, not nearly as much as some mimimalist electronic music but enough to accentuate what is there. It’s nice to hear electronic music that is a little more considered and Mt. Wolf excel in this area. Starliner is the highlight here with bright synths, intricate percussion, deep wavering basslines and vocals creeping in as another instrument in the mix. Consistent pauses bring it down before building up again in a dramatic, yet subtle way. It really is wonderfully crafted and having already been featured on the front page of iTunes hopefully we’ll see some great things from Mt. Wolf in the near future.

Catching Flies The Stars Can be grabbed for FREE over on bandcamp.

Mt. Wolf Life Size Ghosts can be found on iTunes.


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