Gold Panda – Trust EP [Listen]

Gold Panda

2013 is off to a good start with album announcements left, right and centre. It seems we’re in for an excellent year in electronic music, in particular with Emancipator and Bonobo having announced new albums and free singles to accompany press releases. After a scattering of 12 and 7″ releases, Gold Panda is joining them and making a return after 2010’s joyous debut Lucky Shiner with his Trust EP, the first new material released since last May.

It’s a little more laid back than previous releases, with some real mellow vibes across all four of the EPs tracks, but generally it’s much the same and seems the perfect way to transition between Lucky Shiner and the upcoming release; although a dramatic change in style is always possible at this stage I suppose… Either way it’s a welcome return and although brief, gets the excitement building for what’s to come.

Trust is available through The Ghostly Store right now if you’re going digital, if you’re after the vinyl as well you’ll have to wait until around the 5th of March. On a side note, get a load of that artwork, lovely stuff indeed.

Gold Panda Trust EPTrust EP

1. Trust Intro
2. Trust
3. Burnt Out Car In A Forest
4. Casyam_59#02


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