Saturday’s ambient sounds [Listen]


I’ve recently been revisiting some of my favorite ambient artists and making some new discoveries. I thought I’d do a little roundup of what I’ve been daydreaming to for the last week.

Rhian Sheehan & Helios

Keith Kenniff AKA Helios released an album of his previously released songs that have been remixed by a variety of artists. Halving The Compass is one of my all time favourite Helios tracks, and was recently remixed by Rhian Sheehan, an award winning musician from New Zealand. Rhian Sheehan put the ambient scene in awe with his 2008 album, Standing in Silence. I genuinely can’t think of a better composer to remix this track. The pacing and intimate sounds of the piano are perfect.

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross

Know that feeling when you discover one of your favourite artists has a side project you had no idea about? Well since the hype of the new Houses album that’s due to be released in April, I’ve been re-visiting some of their earlier tracks and remixes. There I came across Dexter Tortoriello’s side project called Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross; a more lof-fi, melancholic sound to Houses.

Last year he was set on producing a series called Against the Storm, which he describes as “an attempt to materialize a world I’ve created in my head through a recreation of 1920’s radio.” Against The Storm Episode 1 is a stunning dreamlike compilation of tracks. It’s 20 minutes long and I recommend taking it all in at once. Skeeter Davis’s song The End of The World makes an eerie appearance. I could imagine it playing in an abandoned shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse. Sadly there is no sign of Episode 2. To date, he’s released an EP called Blow (2011) and a bunch of remixes.

While I was looking for the original Skeeter Davis recording of End of The World, I found this pretty cool instrumental remix of the song. Sounds like something from Twin Peaks. Have a listen:

It’s also worth mentioning Houses have recently released a new track from their album called The Beauty Surrounds. This track is on par with their previous stuff which is all I could have hoped for. The music video is good too.

end’s not near

Once a month I like to check to see what my favourite Japanese ambient artist is up to. Every now and then a new track will appear on his Soundcloud, and recently a new one’s popped up. The title (イザベル&トビアス) translates as ‘Isabelle & Tobias’, and it’s another beautiful piece of work. If you like it, make sure to check out his other stuff.

Eluvium & Balmorhea

This is from a few years back, but I’d never discovered it until now. It comes from a 2009 album called All is Wild, All is Silent Remixes, and similar to the Helios one I mentioned, various artists have remixed Balmorhea’s work. Eluvium being the work of Matthew Cooper is one of the most respected modern ambient artist – his ability to constantly produce superb albums makes him one of the most exciting musicians on the scene. This remix of the track Settler is a joy from beginning to end.

To finish off, here’s a random selection of some of the tracks by the artists above, which are most definitely worth a listen to. Happy dreaming.


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