Solar Fields – Origin # 02 [Listen/News]

I’m getting a sense of Déjà vu here, I swear it was about this time last year I wrote about Magnus Birgersson’s last release under his Solar Fields monicker, Random Friday. As with his prior release Origin # 01 however, this one is a look back in time specifically focusing on the period between 2003 and 2009. Judging from the album sampler video (below) it’s a varied collection that sits between Solar Fields lush ambient sound and his more upbeat and euphoric beat driven sounds; but where Origin # 01 floundered a little, straying a little too close to feeling like a collection of album leftovers (albeit polished and not without charm), Origin # 02 sounds like a developed and complete piece that’s had a fair amount of further polish. It’ll be interesting to hear the full tracks and how they sit together over an entire album, but from the sampler it sounds a nice step forward for Magnus’ Origin series, and as ever, another Ultimae Records release worth getting excited for.

The album releases on 8th March via Ultimae Records and follows with a worldwide digital release on all major platforms on the 22nd March. It is available to pre-order now on CD and will also see a digital release on Ultimae’s Bandcamp page [which I’m in full support of as it’s a fantastic platform to procure your music from.]

Check out the sampler/trailer video below. Tracklisting and album art follows after.

Solar Fields – Origin # 02

1. Landform (Origin 2005)
2. Mystic Science (Origin 2007)
3. Active Sky (Origin 2003)
4. Echo (Origin 2009)
5. Unknown Presence (Origin 2008)
6. Surface (Origin 2007)
7. Lifebook (Origin 2003)
8. The Missing (Origin 2006)
9. Falling Shadows (Origin 2005)
10. Asteroid (Time Machine Lullaby) [Origin Unknown]


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