Eluvium – Nightmare Ending [News]

Little introduction is needed for Matthew Cooper, the mastermind behind Eluvium. For 10 years he has produced music that consistently impresses fans and critics worldwide.

His last full length LP (not including his mini album Static Nocturne) was Similes (2010), which for the first time featured Matthew’s vocals. I personally love this album and rate it as highly as his other more notable releases such as, Copia (2007) and Talk Amongst the Trees (2005).

After three years, Matthew has announced that he’ll be releasing a new full length album on May 14th called Nightmare Ending which he describes as a “fully instrumental affair“. So far he has released two tracks from the new album, Don’t Get Any Closer and Envenom Mettle.

Don’t Get Any Closer takes on a similar tone to his previous work, with soothing soundscapes that employ a rhythmic piano hum and tingles of strings. It’s a constant cathartic build into a never-ending conclusion, keeping you fixed in his ambient atmosphere. It reminds me of his tracks Weird Creatures (2010) and Indoor Swimming at The Space Station (2007).

Envenom Mettle takes a different direction, with much more electronic vibe. Slightly faster in pace and complex in its design, this track strikes a even balance of being positive and melancholic – almost like a bad dream. This tracks hints at a slightly new style that he has perhaps developed in the new album.

As hoped, both tracks indicate that Matthew Cooper hasn’t lost his touch in producing excellent music which transport you into his encapsulating ambient world.

Track list: 

Disc One
1. “Don’t Get Any Closer”
2. “Warm”
3. “By the Rails”
4. “Unknown Variation”
5. “Caroling”
6. “Sleeper”
7. “Envenom Mettle”

Disc Two
1. “Chime”
2. “Rain Gently”
3. “Impromptu (For the Procession)”
4. “Covered In Writing”
5. “Entendre”
6. “Strange Arrivals”
7. “Happiness”

Bonus tracks:


2 thoughts on “Eluvium – Nightmare Ending [News]

  1. There is a bonus track actually, it’s called Adolescent Space Adventures Outside the Supermarket [7:15]
    Available only from the iTunes download.

    • Hi rmadial,

      Thanks for the reply. When I post ‘Bonus Tracks’ I’m often not referring to what’s on the album, just extra Eluvium tracks for people to listen to. But I didn’t know about this one, it’s great. Thank you.

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