Slowly Rolling Camera – Dream A Life [Listen]

Slowly Rolling Camera

Often a bands name is a statement of how they see themselves, sometimes it’s simply to grab the attention or to make a statement. Rarely a bands name is so synonymous with the music; a wonderful embodiment of what you hear and what you read on the page (or web browser in this case). Of course that’s all very subjective, and a sweeping statement of sorts, but take a look at that name, Slowly Rolling Camera, before you hit play and take a few seconds to imagine what you are about to hear.

On paper Slowly Rolling Camera is an exciting prospect as celebrated jazz musician Dave Stapleton combines talent with producer Deri Roberts, vocalist-lyricist Dionne Bennett and drummer Elliot Bennett, whilst complimented by a host of world class Jazz musicians and collaborators. It’s a fantastic match and one that is simply destined to result in some superb music being created. Current plans for the group are to record in April 2013 for a 2014 release on Stapleton’s own imprint Edition Records, with an EP paving the way in September of this year. It seems so very far away when something as tantalising as Dream A Life is dangled before your nose.

Cinematic is instantly the word that comes to mind with delicate piano rising through basslines that flow with an effortless groove and electronics rippling around. It’s not long before guitars wash in and sweeping orchestration builds into the track as Dream A Life shifts in tone and reaches its climax. Vocals are prominent with Dionne Bennett’s beautiful voice perfectly punctuating what is a classy and incredibly atmospheric ‘demo’. It’s got a whole lot of soul, it’s sophisticated yet playful and with wonderful warm production and a satisfying level of detail already throughout, Slowly Rolling Camera is a band that is most certainly worth keeping your eye on. It’s almost too easy to draw comparisons with the Cinematic Orchestra, as well as other acts for that matter, but off the back of this one track it will be fascinating to hear what else they can create and hopefully, if it is to the standard set here, we’re in for an absolute treat. Have a listen again and then a look at that name, what images do you see?

If you’re interested in seeing some behind the scenes stuff make sure to check out the accompanying video below and if you are after an mp3, it’s a free (or name your price) track on the Slowly Rolling Camera bandcamp page.

If you’re in the UK you can catch Slowly Rolling Camera this summer on the following dates.

Jun 20 Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, UK

Sep 13 Kings Place London, UK

Check them out on facebook and twitter.


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