Temples – Shelter Song [Listen]


I’m a great fan of new takes on older music styles; recently I’ve been enjoying the resurgence in popularity of the neo-psychedelic sound, spearheaded by the success of groups like Tame Impala and The Amorphous Androgynous. Temples are a band that have recently caught our attention – since then, the single Shelter Song and its flipside Prisms have been on heavy rotation here at Universal Wax towers.

Heralding from Kettering in the UK, the Temples’ psychedelia is more of a traditional take on the sound than the recent processed version that Tame Impala brought to us on their recent LP Lonerism. The songs are louder, clearer and chocked full of instantly catchy hooks; unashamedly pulling in retro influences from acid era Byrds to (dare I say it) The Beatles – all brought up to date with some booming, breakbeat-esque drumming.

Recorded with vintage equipment in their local Pyramid Studios, the band, James Bagshaw (vocals, guitar), Thomas Warmsley (bass, backing vocals), Sam Toms (drums), Adam Smith (keyboards), have captured a truly authentic sound on their debut single – Shelter Song. Twanging and jangling guitars intwine with carefree lyrics like ‘you came on over to me/we shared a drink or three’, whilst backing vocals punctuate the melody with the repeated mantra of ‘last night’, before inviting us to ‘take me away to the Twilight Zone’. It may not be totally original, but it’s true to the movement that they are effortlessly recreating.

Listen to Shelter Song here:

With just the teaser of this initial single whetting our appetites, we can’t wait to hear what Temples have to offer us in the future…   …sooner rather than later, please!

The single is out on Heavenly Recordings and available to download from iTunes.

Since releasing the single, Temples have launched into a round of live shows – supporting Suede, Kasabian and The Vaccines on recent tours as well as appearing in their own right. See them at these festivals this summer:

Best Kept Secret Festival, Netherlands

27th: Stockton Weekender, Stockton, UK

17th: Beacons Festival, Skipton, UK
23rd-25th: Reading & Leeds Festival, UK (date TBA)

13th, Festival No.6, Portmeirion, UK


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