2020 We have to be strong: november blues in extra-fies

As we all know, November is not a month that brings us a lot of joy. The days are getting shorter, the weather more uncomfortable and the overall mood is sinking. This year, however, November seems to kick it up a notch and torment us with extra-heavy November blues.

We’ve already faced enough challenges in 2020 – from the global pandemic to the limitations of everyday life to political uncertainties. But November seems to be putting us to the test in extra ways.

To get through this month and not fall into a deep hole, we need to be extra strong. Find out how we can do it and what tips there are for beating the November blues in this article.

2020 we have to be strong – that’s the motto this November. But together we can do it!

What are the November blues?

November in Germany is often characterized by cold, darkness and drizzle. Many people feel down and lacking in energy during this period. This phenomenon is called the November blues.

This year, the November blues seem to be hitting especially hard. The Corona pandemic has changed our lives and brought with it many restrictions. The days are getting shorter and the darkness seems to surround us even more strongly. Many people are afraid of the future and feel especially lonely and isolated during this time.

It is important to understand that the November blues is not a disease, but a temporary feeling of sadness and melancholy. However, there are ways to counteract it. This includes, for example, getting enough exercise in the fresh air, eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep. Social contacts can also help to overcome the feeling of loneliness.

  • Tips against the November blues:
  • Exercise in the fresh air
  • Healthy diet
  • Get regular sleep
  • Maintain social contacts

It is important to take care of yourself and accept yourself during the November blues period. It’s normal to feel sad and lonely during this time of year. But it’s also important to be careful that these feelings don’t get out of hand and turn into depression or other serious mental illnesses.

Why the November blues are worse this year?

The November blues are already an integral part of the fall season. However, when 2020 is considered, the November blues are extra-fierce this year. This is due to several reasons.

For one thing, most people have had a difficult year due to the Corona pandemic. The restrictions on social life, the constant wearing of masks, and the fear of infection have taken a toll on many people. This is especially noticeable in November, when the days get shorter and the weather becomes more uncomfortable.

2020 We have to be strong: november blues in extra-fies

On the other hand, the lack of events and other activities in November 2020 is perceived particularly strongly. There are usually plenty of opportunities in November to get together with friends and family or attend parades and celebrations. However, this is not possible this year due to the Corona pandemic, which can lead to additional loneliness and frustration.

So it is understandable that the November blues are worse this year than in previous years. However, it is important to stay positive and take care of your health despite all this. The situation is temporary and there will be better times again.

Tips against the November blues

Like every year in November, there are many people who suffer from the November blues. But this year, with all the challenges and changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the November blues are especially strong. Here are some tips to fight the November blues and stay mentally strong.

  • Daylight: as the days get shorter in November, a lack of sunlight can lead to sad and tired feelings. Therefore, try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air or use a daylight lamp.
  • Exercise: sports and exercise can help fight the winter blues. Try to exercise regularly or at least take a walk every day.
  • Eat healthy: A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can help keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Socialize: Although it can be difficult to maintain social contact due to the pandemic, it is important for our mental health. Spend time with friends and family or connect with others online.

It’s important to remember that everyone experiences the winter blues differently. If these tips are not enough to improve your mood, seek professional help. Stay strong, stay healthy and share these tips with others to help them deal with the November blues.

Standing strong together through November

The year 2020 presents us with many challenges and November seems to be particularly nasty. The November blues can hit us all and take the form of monotony, fatigue and negativity. But we can face and beat the November blues together.

It’s important to stick together and be there for each other during this time. A positive attitude and sharing moments of happiness can help us get through the gray daily grind. Setting goals and sticking to routines can also keep us on track and active.

  • Keep in touch with friends and family – even if it’s only virtually
  • Plan activities and projects that you can write down on the calendar
  • Avoid too much TV and screen time and get out in the fresh air
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Give yourself and others compliments and support

November doesn’t have to be a sad and lonely month. Together, we can motivate and support each other to come out of this period stronger than ever. Let’s help each other beat the November blues.

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