5 Free letters of recommendation for a friend

You want to help a friend find a job or apply for a scholarship or program? A referral from someone the employer or program director knows and respects can have a big impact on the success of your application. But how do you write a good recommendation?
We’ve put together five recommendation letter templates that can help you present your friend’s qualifications, strengths, and experiences in a clear and compelling way. These recommendations can be used as a starting point and customized to meet your friend’s needs.
Remember that a good recommendation should come from someone who knows the applicant well and has a positive opinion of him or her. Use the templates as a guide, but add your own experiences and examples to create a unique and authentic recommendation that will help your friend get the job or scholarship he or she is hoping for.

Why a letter of recommendation is important

A letter of recommendation can greatly help a friend or colleague in their search for a job, study position or internship. It shows the potential employer or trainer that the applicant was recommended by a trustworthy person and is therefore considered reliable and competent.

In addition, a letter of recommendation can also open the door to new professional opportunities, as it often contributes to the applicant receiving an invitation to a job interview. A well-founded and positively worded letter of recommendation can thus improve the important first impression of the applicant.

Those who do not have a letter of recommendation or do not have direct contact with people who could issue it, can also turn to other alternatives. There are now numerous digital ways to get a recommendation, such as via social media or review platforms.

5 Free letters of recommendation for a friend

5 free letters of recommendation for a friend

  • Letter of reference for an employee – template for an employee’s recommendation from the point of view of his superior
  • Academic recommendation letter – template for a recommendation from a professor or teacher for a student applying for a degree or internship
  • Character Recommendation Letter – template for a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance that speaks to the personality and qualifications of the applicant
  • Work reference letter – template for a recommendation from a former employer to validate a former employee’s skills and experience
  • Association Recommendation Letter – template for a recommendation from a member or board of directors of an association or organization in which the applicant is or has been active

It is important to customize the template to the specific requirements of the recipient to have the best chance of being invited.

Letter of Recommendation: What matters

When you’re asked to recommend a friend, it’s important to write a powerful letter of recommendation. There are a few important points that should definitely be mentioned here.

  • Describe the relationship between you and your friend, and how long you have known each other.
  • Mention the qualities that set your friend apart, such as his or her ability to get along with others or his or her expertise and skills in a particular field.
  • Describe how your friend has demonstrated these skills in the past, and give specific examples to back up your statements.
  • Talk about how your friend would contribute to the company’s success if hired.

A recommendation should also be honest and sincere. Avoid making disingenuous statements or concealing gaps in your friend’s resume just to give the impression that they are the perfect candidate.

When writing a letter of recommendation, also keep in mind that it can be of great importance when it comes to an employer’s decision on whether or not to hire your friend. So take enough time to write a convincing letter of recommendation.

5 Free letters of recommendation for a friend

5 free letters of recommendation for a friend

If you’re looking for examples of what a recommendation letter might look like, we’ve put together five free templates you can use for inspiration.

  • Template 1: Letter of recommendation for an employee
  • Template 2: Letter of recommendation for a student
  • Template 3: Letter of recommendation for a freelancer
  • Template 4: Letter of recommendation for a handyman
  • Template 5: Letter of recommendation for an entry-level professional

These templates are intended as suggestions only – be sure to customize them to fit your individual needs and add your own experiences.

We hope that these tips and templates will help you in writing a letter of recommendation and wish you success in doing so.

Tips for writing a good letter of recommendation

A good letter of recommendation can be very helpful in providing references and finding employment. If you want to write such a letter for a friend, there are some things you should pay attention to. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Begin with a brief introduction introducing yourself and describing your relationship with the recipient of the letter. Be sure to include the purpose of the letter as well.
  • Describe the skills and preferences of the recipient of the letter. When doing so, use specific examples to support your statements.
  • Present the recipient of the letter in a positive light, but without exaggerating or making untrue statements.
  • Use professional language and be sure to use proper formatting.
  • Conclude the letter with a recommendation and your contact information in case the recipient of the letter has further questions.

These tips should help you write a strong letter of recommendation. To help you get started, we’ve prepared five free recommendation letters that you can use as templates. Use this as a starting point and customize it to fit your friend’s needs. Here’s how to make sure you write a letter of the highest quality.

Free letters of recommendation for friends

You want to help your friend find a new job or apply to college? Then, a letter of recommendation can be of great help. Here are five free templates you can use.

  • Employment reference: if your friend has already worked in a company, you can write an employment reference that describes his or her skills and experience.
  • Academic Reference Letter: If your friend is interested in applying for graduate school, you can write a reference letter describing his or her academic achievements.
  • Personal referral letter: If you are more closely connected to your friend, you can write a personal recommendation letter describing their personality and skills.
  • Character reference: if your friend needs a character reference, you can compose a letter that describes his or her moral qualities and virtues.
  • Volunteer service reference letter: if your friend is applying for volunteer service, you can write a letter describing his volunteer work and skills.

Remember that a recommendation letter is an important document that can help your friend achieve his or her goals. Use the templates as a starting point, but customize them to emphasize your friend’s particular skills and experience.


Choosing the right recommendation letter for a friend can be challenging. There are numerous options, but not all are appropriate for every occasion. However, the five recommendation letters presented here are free and can be a good starting point.

It is important to note that a letter of recommendation should be tailored to best support the recipient’s purpose and personality. An individual touch can make all the difference, so it is advisable to establish a personal relationship with the person who will receive the letter of recommendation.

Regardless of which referral letter you choose, it is critical that you write it carefully and make corrections to avoid errors or ambiguities. A well-written letter of recommendation can help your friend achieve his or her goals and advance his or her career.

  • The academic recommendation letter: suitable for academic purposes such as a graduate school application or scholarship application. Emphasizes the academic skills, accomplishments, and goals of the recipient.
  • The job or career recommendation letter: Ideal for job applications or career development. Emphasize the recipient’s skills, experience and accomplishments on the job.
  • The character reference letter: appropriate for general purposes such as housing applications or personal references. Emphasizes the recipient’s personal qualities and strengths.
  • The research recommendation letter: Ideal for academic purposes such as an application for a research position. Emphasizes the recipient’s research skills and experience.
  • The charity recommendation letter: appropriate for charitable causes such as donation requests or volunteer work. Emphasizes the recipient’s commitment, skills and accomplishments in charity work.

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