Promotion of the environmentally friendly pellet heating from 2021

The use of renewable energy is becoming increasingly important to protect the environment. One way to heat in an environmentally friendly way is the pellet heating system. From 2021, there will be various federal and state subsidy programs to make it easier to switch to this heating method.

Within the framework of these subsidy programs, both the installation and the replacement of old heating systems are supported. Subsidies are also available for new home construction. The support takes place thereby in the form of subsidies or low-interest loans.

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Provident financial shocks investors with another profit warning

British corporation Provident Financial has issued another profit warning, causing a shock to investors. The provider of small loans had to drastically lower its profit forecast for the current fiscal year. This is the second time in just a few months that the company has reported weak business performance.

Above all, the upheaval in the company’s management seems to be taking its toll on the company’s financial situation. A few months ago, CEO Peter Crook was forced to resign after leading the company into a disastrous situation. About 800.000 customers refused to make their immense debt repayments, resulting in massive problems for Provident Financial.

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Boris becker: will he soon work as a fitness trainer in prison?

Boris Becker, the former tennis pro and three-time Wimbledon winner, was found guilty of concealing assets from insolvency authorities by the London Magistrates’ Court in June 2021. He was sentenced to 20 months probation and 100 hours of community service.

According to reports, this community service could consist of a position as a fitness trainer in prison. Becker has been known for years as an advocate of healthy lifestyles and also has experience as a trainer, having coached Novak Djokovic for several years.

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