What to do when my child is about to finish school?

Graduation is an important milestone in the life of every student. But what comes next? Parents are often faced with the question of how they can best support their child on the path to the future. Good preparation can help make the transition from school to work or study a successful one.

There are many ways in which parents can help their children with career orientation. For example, they can visit career fairs together or complete an internship in various fields. A well-founded search for information on the Internet or at the employment agency can also help in the decision-making process.

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Alphansus davis’ rowe on mission for champs

Alphansus Davis’ Rowe, head coach of Jamaica College Track& Field team, has set a goal of winning the prestigious annual Champs competition. With a history of dominant wins and record-breaking success, Jamaica College has already achieved a top spot on the national track and field scene and Rowe hopes to continue the success.

Alphansus davis' rowe on mission for champs

As a former athlete and longtime coach, Rowe has a wealth of experience in athletics. He has led other junior colleges to Champs championships in the past and has also coached at international championships. For him, the preparation and competition at Champs is a unique experience and an opportunity to show his skills as a trainer.

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Ministry of education and the state of georgia cooperate on school exchanges

The Ministry of Education and the U.S. state of Georgia have agreed on far-reaching cooperation in the area of school exchanges. Students and teachers from both countries will benefit from intercultural exchange.
Within the framework of the agreement, various programs and projects are to be initiated to promote student exchanges and enrich the teaching of both countries. This includes, among other things, exchange programs for students, the opportunity for teachers to participate in advanced training and education, as well as cooperation between schools in both countries.
The cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the State of Georgia shows how important intercultural exchange is in a globalized world. Students will not only acquire technical knowledge, but also develop intercultural competencies, thus helping to reduce prejudices and promote understanding between people of different cultures.

New agreement to promote school exchanges between the Ministry of Education and the U.S. state of Georgia

The Ministry of Education and the State of Georgia have signed a new agreement to promote school-to-school exchanges. The two partners intend to significantly expand cooperation in the field of educational exchanges.

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How much does a pilot earn in austria?

The payment of pilots is always a hotly debated topic. In particular, the demands on the profession of a pilot are high, as they are responsible for the safety of human lives. But what about the salary? How much does a pilot earn in Austria?

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as there are several factors that influence salary. For one thing, the airline, the size of the company and the experience of the pilot all play a role. On the other hand, the pay of pilots also depends on the type of aircraft and the route length.

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