Countrywomen: open to members from all professions

Rural women’s organizations have thousands of members who are committed to agriculture, family, and community. A common assumption is that these groups are exclusively for women who work in agriculture. But this assumption is not true.

Countrywomen: open to members from all professions

Countrywomen are open to members from all professions. They represent a cross-section of society, where women from different professions and backgrounds come together to build their bridge to the agricultural community and do good together.

Through fundraising and organizing events, rural women promote rural development and the community. They also work to create educational and training opportunities to encourage and support women in agriculture and other fields. In short, rural women are an important part of the communities they support and represent.

The idea of cooperation and togetherness is a guiding principle of the rural women’s organizations, which have an “open door” policy have for all members from different professions and backgrounds. The committed women are working together on projects and initiatives to promote and support rural development in their region.

Countrywomen – who are they and who can become a member?

Rural women are a community of women who live and work in rural areas. They share a common interest in rural life and its traditions. But who can become a member of this community?

Countrywomen are open to members from all professions. Whether you are a baker, teacher, doctor, or homemaker, if you are interested in the rural way of life, you are welcome to join. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what education you have. This is about a common interest in agriculture, traditions and community cohesion.

Rural women offer a variety of activities to their members, from arts and crafts and gardening to cooking classes and agricultural seminars. Every member can contribute and share their own interests and talents. It doesn’t matter if you are already an expert in your field or just starting out.

So if you’re looking for a community of women who share your love of rural life and support you in your interests, consider becoming a country woman. In the Landfrauen you will find a warm community open to members from all professions.

Rural women have a wide range of professional experience

Rural women have a reputation for being versatile and interested in many professions. This is probably mainly due to their experience in agriculture. Because here they are often responsible not only for harvesting and selling food, but also for the day-to-day operation of the farm.

But rural women are not only found in agriculture. Many of them have also gained experience in other professional fields. They work as teachers, doctors, or in administration, for example. The experience they have gained in these professions makes them valued colleagues as members of rural women’s associations.

  • Flexibility: Since rural women are often involved in agriculture, they need to be flexible and able to react quickly to changes. This ability makes them valued employees in other professions as well.
  • Sense of Responsibility: As the people primarily responsible for the operation of the farm, countrywomen are especially responsible. This characteristic also gets them ahead in other professions.
  • Organizational skills: Another reason why rural women are open to all professions is their ability to organize the operation of a family and a farm. This skill is also in high demand in other professional fields.

So there are many reasons why rural women can be successful in almost any career field. Their experience and skills make them valuable employees.

Membership of the Landfrauen

Rural women are an open organization for women of all professions and nationalities. If you are interested in joining the Landfrauen, you can find out which local groups are active in your region and what activities they offer.
A membership with the Landfrauen offers many advantages. You can benefit from a wide range of training opportunities and find new friendships in the Landfrauen community. You will have the opportunity to advocate for women’s interests at all levels and participate in political decision-making processes.
You can become a member of the Landfrauen by filling out and signing the membership application form. Membership dues vary from local chapter to local chapter. It is best to find out more about this directly from your local group.
Become part of the Landfrauen community and benefit from a diverse network of women of all ages and professions. We look forward to welcoming you to our activities and events.

Why a membership with the Landfrauen is open for all professions?

The Landfrauen offer membership for women of all professions. This offers the advantage that women from different areas can learn from each other and network. It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, teacher, farmer or any other profession. All women are welcome.

The Landfrauen regularly organize events and courses on various topics. It does not matter what profession you come from. For example, cooking courses, gardening workshops or excursions are organized. Membership in the Landfrauen thus offers you the opportunity to take an interest in various topics and to acquire new knowledge.

Those who choose to join the Landfrauen can also benefit from the network. The countrywomen are active in many regions and maintain contacts with other associations and organizations. It’s easier to network with other women and make friends.

  • Open membership for all women
  • Networking and exchange with women from different professions
  • Organization of courses and events for different interests
  • Benefit from the network of the Landfrauen

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