“Glue comes off”: detention for climate activist after art attack

On 22. July 2019, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce high-rise in Berlin was attacked by climate activists. The activists, who identified themselves as part of the organization Extinction Rebellion, painted the windows of the building with red paint and pasted a message on them that read, “Glue comes off, climate remains!”. The action was part of a larger protest movement against the climate policies of the German government and industry.
Police responded quickly to the incident and arrested several activists, including the spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in Germany. The activists were charged with trespassing and property damage. Some of the defendants received prison sentences, others were sentenced to fines.
Extinction Rebellion’s action was one of many protests that have taken place in Germany and around the world in recent years to draw attention to the urgent need for action on climate change. Many people believe that governments and industry are not acting fast enough to minimize the effects of climate change. Protests like these, although illegal, are indicative of people’s growing resentment and frustration.

What happened?

On 13. November 2021, climate activists carried out an art attack on the headquarters of the chemical company BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany. A banner with the slogan “Glue comes off, so does the planet” was displayed stuck to the facade of the building. The activists wanted to draw attention to the harmful effects of adhesives on the environment and climate change.

However, the activists were caught in the act by police and arrested. According to a police spokesman, the activists are now facing criminal charges for damage to property and trespassing. The action of the climate activists thus also has consequences for themselves.

Reactions to the art attack varied. While some see the action as an important contribution to the fight against climate change, others criticize the activists for damaging the company’s building. BASF itself has not yet commented on the action.

However, the art attack shows once again that the fight against climate change and for a sustainable future can also resort to unconventional methods. However, whether such actions really make a difference and whether they are the right approach remains controversial.

Penalties for participants in the “Glue goes off” campaign Art action

On 12. June 2021 climate activists in Berlin have an art action under the name “Kleber geht ab” carried out. Adhesive residue was left on various streets and squares to draw attention to the harmful effects of car traffic. The action was classified by the police as damage to property and the perpetrators now face severe penalties.

Those who took part in the action could face up to two years in prison or a fine. In addition, the perpetrators will have to pay for the damage caused to buildings and vehicles. However, those responsible for the action emphasize that the “Kleber geht ab” (Glue comes off) The police have to be informed that the protest was a non-violent and creative form of protest, which was necessary to draw attention to the existing social problem.

  • Prison sentence of up to two years
  • Fine
  • Reimbursement for the damage caused

The action has received a lot of attention in the social media and many people are now discussing the effectiveness and legitimacy of such forms of protest. Although the perpetrators will now face penalties, the action is likely to contribute to long-term discussion and awareness of the problem of car traffic.

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