Mark Isham – The Bliss of Evil (Bad Lieutenant Suite) [Listen]


It’s probably been about four years since I saw this film, and I enjoyed it as much – if not more the second time last night. Werner Herzog is one of favorite directors, his ability to make great narratives as well as documentary films is something I admire greatly. Last night watching The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans, I picked up on something I hadn’t noticed before, the suite composed by Mark Isham. It’s very subtle in the film, and only comes in a few times in the film .

Mark Isham is probably best known for the score he did for Crash (2004), which had some of the most heartfelt, tear jerking tracks, (remember that scene with the little girl and the cloak?). I didn’t know that Mark Isham had written anything for Bad Lieutenant, but now I know it makes sense. This suite is called This Bliss of Evil, and this segment is so beautiful and so fitting for the reflective scenes in the film – I just had to share it with you all.

Just in case your eyes are a bit dry…