The Universal Wax Top 12 of ’12 – Part Two

Welcome back for part two of the Universal Wax Top 12 of ’12. Our twelve albums of the year and why you should check them out. Part One covered Sams four albums of the year which included Beth Orton and her wonderful return with Sugaring Season, De La Mancha The End* of Music, Lilacs and Champagnes self titled debut and finally the outrageously catchy Port of Morrow from The Shins. Martins four album choices are up next and run with a theme of bands who have not only extensive back catalogues, but exceedingly strong ones that spread decades in some cases. Again, if you are already familiar with them let us know what you think of our choices and why not drop us a list of your top 12 albums of 2012? We’d love to hear yours and might even discover something we missed.  – Sam

Top 12 of 12 Covers-Part Two
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The Universal Wax Top 12 of ’12 – Part One

It’s that time of the year again when music blogs worldwide take a few paragraphs to discuss their favourite albums of the year and make a comprehensive list out of it; who are we to break the trend, so without further ado I present to you the Universal Wax Top 12 of ’12. In no particular order and over the course of three parts, each of us will be taking four of the albums released this year that we are particularly fond of and devoting a few sentences to why you should check it out. If you are already familiar with them let us know what you think, why not take the time to let us know your top 12 albums of 2012?  – Sam

Top 12 of 12 Covers-Part One

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Miracle Fortress [Listen]

This was an artist I accidentally stubbled across a couple of years ago and have been hooked since. Miracle Fortress is one of those artists you can listen to over, I put it down to the rhythmic beats and swirling sounds that send you into a feel-good trance.

The man behind the music is Graham Van Pelt, a Canadian musician and producer. His last album, Five Roses was released in 2007, which was very well received. His music has been described as alternative and slightly more electronic Beach Boys, which fits the bill for me.

Towards the end of last year saw the release of his new long awaited album, Was I The Wave (2011). I managed to see him play live in November which was something i’d been anticipating for some time. What surprised me, (slightly due to my lack of research) was that Miracle Fortress is just a two-piece band. I was expecting at least 4 people to create their sound. Their performance was everything I’d hoped for, and the drummer was as hypnotic to watch as the music. Fortunately for me he played one of my favourite tracks from Five Roses called Beach Baby, one of his more gentle songs, but it’s truly one of the most enjoyable songs I listen to. I’d also recommend his instrumental tune from that album called Five Roses, also This Thing About You is great…just check out the whole album.

The new album, Was I The Wave, is a bit faster and more electronic that Five Roses, but the original sound is still strong and the album is a joy to listen to. I’ll post a track from it that i’m really liking at the moment. But before you check out his new album, I’d recommend listening to Five Roses so you can get your heart and mind in the right groove.

Check out his website for more info:


Beach Baby – Miracle Fortress (Five Roses 2007)

Miscalculations – Miracle Fortress (Was I The Wave 2011)