Quakers – Fitta Happier [Listen]

Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame; under the moniker of Fuzzface, has a new hip-hop project called Quakers.

Barrow, producing the project along with Portishead engineer 7-Stu-7 and Australia’s DJ Katalyst, worked with over 35 artists to create a 41 track album.

The album started when the producers uploaded a series of beats to their Myspace page for anyone to download. People were then encouraged to rap over the samples and return them to the group. Entries that the group liked were then included on the album. Artists that contributed include Dead Prez, Prince Po, Aloe Blacc, Guilty Simpson, and M.E.D.

The reasoning behind the project is that the three like-minded producers, disillusioned with the current hip-hop landscape, wanted to create a record that they would like to listen to themselves. The method they used, meant that a wide range of genuine talent could be be showcased on the project, not just the current hottest names. Hence the name Quakers; it comes from ‘earthquake’ – they’re here to shake the foundations.

The various vocal talent is held together with a heavy, lo-fi and gritty production style, that can be heard to great effect on the first track released – Fitta Happier. The track features Guilty Simpson and M.E.D rapping over what seems to be a marching band covering Radiohead’sNational Anthem’.

Listen to Fitta Happier (ft. Guilty Simpson and M.E.D.) below

I really like the sound of this track and I’m looking forward to the album that comes out on 27th March.

The album will be available on Stones Throw Records as 2/LP, Digital, and 2/CD (vocal disc & instrumental disc).

Imminent Releases: Lilacs & Champagne, K.Flay [News]

The self titled Lilacs & Champagne debut will be released next Tuesday (31st January). Alex Hall and Emil Amos of instrumental rockers Grails are presenting us with, in their own words, “hip-hop, tape-collage and the darkest creases of 70′s film-soundtracks with their lysergic and perverse style of head-music.” Sounds intriguing doesn’t it. You can hear the superb Everywhere, Everyone taken from the self-titled below. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Head over to Mexican Summer to pick up a copy.

The K.Flay EP Eyes Shut which we mentioned back in December will be arriving on the net on Monday 30th January. Grab it via K.Flay’s site.  It looks like it’s going to be a good week for releases.

The Mars Volta to release new album in March [News]

Fresh off the back of last weeks At the Drive-In reunion news, The Mars Volta have announced that their sixth studio album Noctourniquet will be released on March 27th.

The album, the bands first new release since Octahedron in 2009 will tell the story of a character inspired by the Superman villain Solomon Grundy and the Greek myth of Hyacinthus. The press release issued by the band describes “hypnotic melodies and borderline electro-ambient washes”. The track listing for Noctourniquet is as follows:

‘The Whip Hand’
‘Empty Vessels Make the Loudest Sound’
‘The Malkin Jewel’
‘In Absentia’
‘Trinkets Pale of Moon’
‘Zed and Two Naughts’

Band Website

Islands – A Sleep & A Forgetting [News]

Islands are back with a new album. Islands originally rose out of the ashes of Nicholas Thorburn’s previous music venture, The Unicorns. Which was at the time, also very successful and well received. For me, the previous two albums that Islands produced didn’t quite cut it like their first and most acclaimed album, Return to the Sea. It’s been a while since i’ve given the album a good listen again. I usually just whack Swans and Volcanoes on my playlist and leave out the others which are each quite unique – Pitchfork described it as being a “a sprawling, gorgeous collection of pop songs that draws from disparate sources such as calypso, country, and hip-hop”. 

Islands have very recently announced that they’ll be releasing a new album called, A Sleep & A Forgetting, and to get the buzz going they’ve released a single from the album called, This is Not a Song. One of the main reasons I’m writing this post is because i really like this song, and i’ve got a feeling this album’s gonna be a good’n! It’s released on Hallmark’s Valenine’s Day. Here’s an oldie and the newie.

Band website: islandsareforever.com

This is Not a Song by Islands (A Sleep & A Forgetting 2012)

Monday Morning Links: Jeff Tweedy presents the Chicago weather, Solar Fields new album out, Mumford & Sons make Doom/Folk Record

Just a few short snippets of interesting thing’s I’ve seen over the web this weekend.

This is a great little clip of Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy presenting the news on Chicago TV station WGN’s morning news last week. Watching Jeff Tweedy report the weather was always going to be fun.


Solar Fields has a new album titled Until We Meet the Sky. The physical edition was out Friday and the digital version follows tomorrow (20th December). I’ve yet to receive my copy through the post but will most likely write some thoughts up after a listen or two.

You can hear samples and pre-order the digital version over at Ultimae records bandcamp page.

Yes, you read that headline right. Mumford & Sons have informed Rolling Stone that their new album, due in 2012, will be a more mature record and that it’s ‘doom folk’. In their words, Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake. I’m struggling to imagine that but definitely interested.

source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/week-in-review-mumford-sons-plan-doom-folk-album-20111216

The Four Owls – Burning Vapour [Video]

This is the new promotional video for UK hip-hop group The Four Owls – Burning Vapour, which is taken from their debut album Nature’s Greatest Mystery (Out now on High Focus Records – http://www.high-focus.com/home/ ).

Aside from the truly brilliant visuals (which are lifted from Blockheads video for ‘The Music Scene’) it’s a great track filled with jazzy samples and catchy melodies and well worth your time.