Tashaki Miyaki [Listen+Watch]

It’s not often I fall head over heals for an artist, but listening to Tashaki Miyaki’s cover of one of my favourite Dylan songs put them at the top of my playlist for the week.

I blame the summery vibes ringing in the London air at the moment that’s fuelling my current shoegaze phase. Tashaki Miyaki have a chilled out dreamy sound blended with well paced vocals which compliment each track perfectly – and I really mean that. The band are often compared to Best Coast, who I always ‘sort of liked’, but Tashaki Miyaki have that special thing which make them in my humble opinion far more enjoyable. I hope they come play in the UK soon.

The two girls behind the name, Lucy and Rocky are both from California. Their latest EP,  is released by UK based label The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing – the same people that released the new Halls EP. I have to say those people know how to find quality music.

What squeezes the icing on the cake for me is Tashaki Miyaki have quality music videos too. As a filmmaker myself, I see the importance in having good, tasteful visuals to this genre of music. So often with bands you see the cliché kaleidoscope of images badly processed through After Effects, (even on a zero budget, there’s no need for that). However their frequent director, Juan Iglesias has done a stellar job in producing very fitting videos for them, I salut you sir.

Check out their latest cover of Bob Dylan’s song, If Not For You:

This is a video for their track Best Friend, I also recommend checking out their video for Somethin’ Is Better Than Nothin’:


The Shins – Simple Song [Listen]

The Shins are back, preceding the March release of the new album Port of Morrow (which happens to have some excellent artwork), with the brilliant new track Simple Song. It really is a superb one too with all you expect from The Shins, and if anything, it’s a little more upbeat than past songs with an electric almost reinvigorated vibe. It’s made the prospect of the full length in March far more exciting!

Head over to The Shins website here to listen to Simple Song complete with a pretty awesome player. Album pre-orders with various bonuses are available now and come with early access to the track in question. Roll on March!

Thom Stone – I Can’t Spend Christmas Alone [Listen]

Manchester based singer/songwriter Thom Stone has dropped a superb Christmas single in time for the holidays. It’s a mellow four and a half minutes but full of soul and you know what, if there’s one christmas single I recommend from this year, it’s this one. Enjoy!