What to do when my child is about to finish school?

Graduation is an important milestone in the life of every student. But what comes next? Parents are often faced with the question of how they can best support their child on the path to the future. Good preparation can help make the transition from school to work or study a successful one.

There are many ways in which parents can help their children with career orientation. For example, they can visit career fairs together or complete an internship in various fields. A well-founded search for information on the Internet or at the employment agency can also help in the decision-making process.

However, it is important that the child plans his or her future independently and on his or her own responsibility and decides on a profession that corresponds to his or her own interests and abilities. Parents can help as advisors and supporters and strengthen their child’s self-confidence.

What opportunities are there after school?

For students who will soon be finishing school, there are many different options for how to manage their future careers. One option is to enter working life directly and start an apprenticeship. Here they can pay attention to their interests and strengths and choose a profession that they enjoy. Another option is to study and specialize in a particular field. In this case, they should inform themselves and apply early on in order to secure a place at the university of their choice.

What to do when my child is about to finish school?

If you don’t want to go straight into working life or university, you can also do voluntary work at home or abroad. Here they can gain valuable experience and develop personally. It is also possible to do an internship to get a first insight into a certain profession. In doing so, they can find out whether a certain profession really suits them and whether it meets their expectations.

  • Other options after school:
  • Take a year abroad
  • Go on a language trip
  • Take a gap year and travel
  • Attend a vocational preparation program
What to do when my child is about to finish school?

It is important for students to look into the various options at an early stage and to inform themselves in detail. Here they can get advice from teachers, career counselors or even parents. Through targeted planning and preparation, they can shape their future career in the best possible way and get off to a successful start.

My child will soon finish school – what now??

The school-leaving certificate has been achieved and now the question arises: “Training or study??”. The decision depends on many factors, such as interests, abilities and career aspirations. A promising search for the right training or degree program therefore requires thorough planning.

Tip 1: First gather information! Sources of information can be: Career counseling, job centers, specialized literature, Internet search engines, and testimonials from friends and family.

Tip 2: Personal suitability is decisive! During the search, attention should be paid to the skills the child brings with him or her and what activities he or she likes to do. An internship or a trial course can also be helpful in the decision-making process.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on the job market! It is advisable to find out in advance about job prospects in certain industries and professions. An analysis of the current labor market situation is therefore essential.

  • Important factors in the decision to train or study are:
    1. Study or. Training content
    2. High school diploma or technical college entrance qualification
    3. Personal interests and talents
    4. Future prospects and earning potential
What to do when my child is about to finish school?

Ultimately, the child should consider his or her personal strengths and interests when choosing an apprenticeship or course of study, and not pay too much attention to external expectations and specifications. Because this is the best way for them to make a successful start to their working lives.

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